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Personal Statement

Monday, January 2, 2012

Countdown to the New Old House: "Dyan, Look At These Swatches!"

That's a "Sleepless in Seattle" reference.

It's a thing with Spouse and me - quoting movie lines in general, and movie lines from "Sleepless" in particular.  Example:  any time a movie is on that's stereotypically girly and maudlin, one of us pretends to cry and mock-sobs, "Trini Lopez," in reference to the conversation that Tom Hanks and Victor Garber have about "The Dirty Dozen."

Lately, we've been talking a lot about swatches, and it's just fun to talk about them in Rob Reiner's voice (but Rob Reiner's voice when he's pretending to be Cary Grant, in the scene about dating and whether an invitation to look at swatches constitutes a smooth dating move). 

You have to draw out the W sound:  "sWWWWWatches."  And use a lot of emphasis.


You know that you are in the middle of a major home remodel when you text yourself paint colors in the middle of the night, so that you will have them on your phone the next day when you make three separate stops at three separate paint stores.  Because, thanks to House Beautiful Magazine, you are fairly sure that you want one of several taupe-y lavender colors manufactured by Behr for the master bathroom, a steel gray-blue from Sherwin Williams for the big kid's room and a totally different, but sort of the same, blue from Benjamin Moore for the little kid's room.

About the taupe-y lavender:  I really, really like our BM Pismo Dunes den.  And I really, really want to change up the paint color in the master bath, which currently is a pale green.  Ideally, I want a color that will (1) harmonize with the new (tobacco leaf-print) shower curtain that I'm totally enamored with and (2) also harmonize with pale gray countertops and a gray floor.  Problem is that many of the colors that jump out of the shower curtain are too warm (as in mustard) or too dated (as in a colonial dark blue).  BUT . . . there's this grayish-lavender color hidden in there, and I really, REALLY like it.  It would look nice against the gray.  Also, when I mentioned to my mother that I just might paint that bathroom a lavender that wasn't actually a lavender, she had no idea what I was talking about and had a mild panic attack.

Challenge accepted.

About the blues:  I told the seven year-old that he could upgrade his paint to a darker blue, and somehow that gave the twelve year-old the idea that he's upgrading as well.  Small problem:  I LOVE the battleship gray in the big kid's room.  It's so calming and sophisticated, and it will grow with him over time.  So I'm torn between giving in to his expressed need for a slightly darker shade or telling him, "No, you already got an updated paint color three years ago.  PJ has had the same color since he came home from the hospital.  Deal with it."

But I'm picking up a sWWWWWatch with his name on it, just in case.

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