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Sunday, January 1, 2012

More Christmas Recap

(Oh, yeah, and I got around to adding images to the first "Christmas Recap." Sorry about that.)

Other fun holiday-related stuff that I'm just now getting around to blogging about:

1.  Frimily Game Night at Friend Robyn's.

Love this picture of PJ and G in her "Christmas scarecrow overalls" (her phrase) playing Guess Who? against their big sibs.  They are taking it.  So.  Very.  Seriously.

You have to love a party invitation that includes the phrase, "Bring your own Wiimotes."  You also have to love the fact that you are not the only person crazy enough to own a personalized "Wiimote Storage" caddy.

Big kids playing Beatles Rock Band.

Friend Elizabeth and her beautiful daughter who is not a baby anymore.  Which disturbs me, because I know that the twelve year-old is next on the "not a baby anymore" list.


Robyn has two trees, including a Texas Tech-themed one:

Generally, her house at Christmas is festive with a big ol' capital F.  Or an R (pictured above).

Punch pictured below is the cranberry punch that I blogged about a week or so ago.  Yum.

2.  State High School Football Championship at the Death Star AKA "Jerryworld."

Go, Aledo Bearcats!  My spouse played for Aledo, and his dad played on the first team ever fielded by Aledo HS; specifically, he was the quarterback, and in such capacity he scored the first touchdown in Aledo history.

Thus, it was a no-brainer that we would travel en masse to Jerryworld to watch Aledo three-peat as Division 4A champs.  Since we don't actually own any Aledo gear (well, Spouse has his old jersey - but even if it still fit, which is questionable, I don't think that he would actually wear it to a game, for fear of being THAT GUY), we broke out our Texas burnt orange, and PJ went so far as to color a Bearcat emblem with colored pencil, which he held up in front of his shirt sporadically during the game.

Occasionally, he would sub in this longhorn emblem:

Why he thought that he needed a SECOND longhorn emblem (over and above the one that came attached to the shirt) is beyond my comprehension.  Cute, though.

3.  Travelers' Service and West Side Christmas Lights

Our church did a cool thing this year, offering a preview of the Christmas Eve candlelight service a week in advance.  This afforded us the opportunity to invite friends and family to participate in our worship without asking them to skip their own Christmas Eve or Christmas day church plans.

LOVE this photo of the kids posing with my grandmother in front of the Chrismon tree:

See what I mean about the Big Kid being next on the "not a baby anymore" list?  Oh, and please note that Big Kid's sweater matches Little Kid's scarf.  Getting them to wear coordinating items of apparel was somewhat akin to bull riding:  eight seconds, and it was all over.  But eight seconds was enough.  By the way, their primary objection to said items of apparel was not to the matchy-matchiness of it all; they objected because the sweater and scarf in question were "girly-striped."  Did you know that wide stripes (I would go so far as to call them rugby stripes) in shades of charcoal, dark blue, army green, orange and red are "girly"? 

I didn't, either.

Also on the "LOVE" list:  our church's Chrismon tree.  And, no, I don't just love it because "Chrismon" refers to Christ's monogram, so it's basically a big ol' monogrammed Christmas tree. 

After church, we went to look at lights, including these great trees in front of the Chesapeake/Pier One building:

Wouldn't be Christmas in Fort Worth without a visit to the Loudon house:

Best light display in town, bar none.

Lights were the cherry on top of a wonderful Sunday sundae, which began with a delicious brunch at Friend Kim's house.  Love Friend Kim and her sweet family, and I definitely love her brunches.

4.  Painting for the Holidays.

I have been painting "Tinsel" for years, but I didn't realize how much it has evolved over those years until I saw the version that I painted for Robyn four years ago:

I would say that I'm transitioning from abstractionist to realist, but here's the deal - I did the old version using a really big round sponge that subsequently wore out, and I haven't found one to replace it.  So now I have to freehand the ornaments with a brush.  That's the explanation.  Oh, and also, I am easily bored.  Hence the reason that the version of "Jingle" above features a cosmopolitan, but the version from the week before featured a margarita.

Yes, I am that fickle about actual drinks, too.

5.  Doggie Day at the Spa.

Here is Ruby Dog after her groomer clipped her to look like an Australian Shepherd and her daddy sprang for a new elf collar:

Ruby takes after her mom in that she is also easily bored.  It's dull being a Sheltie all of the time; why not masquerade as a member of another herding breed for awhile?  Plus, it's much more low maintenance - the canine equivalent of getting a bob or short shag.
Ruby's new haircut made her smile:

Seriously, she knows when she looks pretty.

Ace did not a spa day,and I think he was a bit bummed by this, because we found him commiserating with a sock monkey.

6.  Head-to-Head Glogg and Gluhwein Battle

Normally, I am a Gluhwein girl, but this year I decided to branch out and try Glogg.  If you aren't familiar, the former is a German red spiced wine, and the latter is a similar Scandanavian beverage that can be made with red wine or vodka.  Both are served warm-to-hot.

I made my Glogg with vodka.  And it was awesome.  Possibly a little more awesome than Gluhwein.

Spouse agreed.

Okay, I think I'm caught up now.  Hope your holidays were as jolly as ours were!

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