Personal Statement

Personal Statement

Friday, January 6, 2012

New Baby Girl,This Is My Message to You-Ou-Ou

Welcome to the world, Kate Riley!  Hope you like your "Three Little Birds" canvas . . . with the elephant in the bottom corner.  (Hey, your mom and I both like to mix metaphors.)

Now I can paint your initials on Mr. Elephant.  Oh, boy (actually, oh, girl).

I love it when friends have girls.  So many opportunities to shop for them, and otherwise spoil them, without having to deal with them when they are bratty (not that boys can't be bratty - it's just a different kind of bratty, and I'm used to "boy bratty" at this point).  Or, you know, pay for their wedding.

But I'm sure that Miss Kate will never be bratty.  No, ma'am.  I have it on good authority that she is sweeter than sugar, OR Sweet 'n Low.  Congrats to the new family!

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