Personal Statement

Personal Statement

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Weekend of Jubilee

Stayed up late Friday night . . . then slept in.  UNTIL. 10. AM.  First time in at least five years - probably more like a decade.

Also stayed up late Saturday night as well, but couldn't sleep in due to church plans.  That's okay, though, 'cause I took an afternoon nap.  BOO YAH!  Sleeping in and napping in the same weekend.  Unheard of.

Took down the Christmas decorations Saturday morning.  Then sent the boys (big and little) to:  retrieve a ranch truck; shuttle the Christmas decorations back to the mother ship; return the truck; and do my grocery shopping.  That gave me a lot of time to myself (particularly because the trip out to my mom-in-law's turned into a trip to deliver her donation items to Goodwill, and I also have it on good authority that the big kid got to practice his driving - yes, he's only twelve, but if you start him out in the right place there's nothing that he can hit except cows, and they are pretty good about moving out of the way).

So I:

Made three pieces of art for the boys' bathroom, started experimenting with paper mache projects for Reading Rocks,and created my half of the ten-top table centerpiece that Friend Robyn and I volunteered to make on top of our general duties as decorations co-chairs.

Baked white chocolate gingerbread cookies.

Put up meals for the week (chicken paprikash, Rachael Ray's Indian summer chili, filling for quesadillas).

Cleaned a little - but only a little.

Did some billable work.

Watched football.

Read the first 100 pages of the second book in the "Percy Jackson & The Last Olympians" series (C's favorite book series, so I promised him that I would read them, and I have to say that I get why he likes them).

Finished two Picaboo scrapbooks - just have to put them in my online cart and apply my Groupon, and they will be in hand in five business days or less.

On Sunday, we popped in at my parents' after church and ended  up ordering in Chinese takeout.  My fortune cookie fortune told me to take note of the date that was three months away, because good things would happen on that date.  Took me a minute to do the math and realize that three months from 1/8/12 coincided with my birthday and Easter.

Pretty cool.

After taking my afternoon nap (BOO YAH!), I helped the Big Kid with his science project (engineering-based, focusing on methods of earthquake-proofing tall buildings).  Nothing like spending a couple of hours of quality time constructing skyscraper models with a twelve year-old to put the cherry on top of a weekend. (Seriously, I like stuff like that.)

Hoping that the week shapes up to be half as productive and enjoyable.

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