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Personal Statement

Monday, January 30, 2012

Things I'm Digging: Picaboo

Sorry, Shutterfly, but you have competition for my affections.

Spouse e-mailed me one day in December to check that day's Groupons, because there was an offer for $120 to apply towards two Picaboo photo books, at a $40 price point.  $120 worth of value for $40?  Sold.

Having created said books, also now sold on Picaboo, for the following reasons:

Flexible page layouts.  Shutterfly allows you to minimize and maximize image sizes and move them around the page if you opt to use their "Custom Path" product.  My computer does not particularly like Custom Path and frequently shuts down the program and gives me a weird error message when I try to use it.  With Picaboo, the ability to customize your image arrays comes standard.

A trillion (fully searchable) backgrounds.  Seriously, I think that they have a trillion of them.  I even found a kelly green background with horseshoes all over it that probably was intended for St. Patrick's Day (you know, horseshoes for luck, luck of the Irish) but that was perfect for PJ's school photos, since his school's colors are green and white and its mascot is the colt.  Found the horsehoes by accident, but the site is set up to allow you to search for backgrounds using keywords like "horseshoes," or "soccer," or "Easter eggs," or "purple."

Thick, glossy paper.   The image pages are glossy and colorful, and even the end pages are luscious.  Great covers, too.

The two books together ended up costing me $127, so I applied my Groupon (easily, with little drama - there was a "pay with a Groupon" button) and paid the $7 balance with a credit card.  Done and done.  If you stop to consider what it used to cost me to create actual scrapbooks (around $40 for the binder and page protectors, plus the cost of photo processing and scrapbook paper, frames and diecuts), even $60 a pop is a bargain.  AND they only take up a half of an inch (if that) on a shelf.

BIG fan of book-style scrapbooks. And even bigger fan of Picaboo.

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