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Personal Statement

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Things I'm Digging: My Perfect "Brown-Adjacent" Ponytail

For some time now, I have been coveting caramel brown hair like Ashley Greene's above.

Only to discover that it's not, technically, brown.

Tomato, tomahto.  It's brown to me.

And I wanted brown.  Because, let's be realistic - you always want the opposite of what you have.  And I'm a natural blonde.  Hairdresser, Colorist Extraordinaire and Friend Marge reminded me of this when I pointed to the darkest hair on my head and said, "I want to be a brunette.  Make me THIS color."

"Okay.  Two inconsistent statements."

She then proceeded to pull out the color chart and prove to me that even the darkest hair on my head was still, technically, blonde.

Okay, point conceded.  But make me that color, and we'll agree to let me call it what I want, okay?

So my hair is now this shade of "brown."  And I love it.  Photo to follow, maybe, if I get around to it.

My hair is also now roughly as long as Miss Greene's.  So, after years of short and sassy or shoulder-length blonde hair, I am rocking long and sort-of brown.  Spouse digs it, but then again Spouse is going through his own midlife hair crisis:  he has grown a beard.  And I have decided that I like it.  So now he's not allowed to shave it off.

We have decided that we are going to tell people that we aren't actually living away from the house because of the lack of flooring.  Rather, we are in the witness protection program, as is evidenced by our drastically different hair.  But we are not particularly good at being in the witness protection program, given that we have advertised our new location to various and sundry folk.

We crack ourselves up sometimes.

I am also loving this gadget:

It's the "Perfect Pony."  A weird rubber tube thing that goes into the middle of your ponytail.  It's supposed to make your pony thicker.  Mine is thick enough as it is, but I like the Perfect Pony because it allows you to position your pony exactly where you want, and it stays there.  Likewise, if you pouf before you pony, it keeps the pouf in place.  Added bonus:  you only have to wrap the elastic around the rubber thing twice, so you don't feel like your hair is being pulled out of your head, as can be the case with a normal pony.
Best five bucks I have spent in recent memory.

The new hair color was not five bucks, but it was well worth the price as well.

I have been sporting the new look for two days now, and I can report that, to date, I have not noticed any measurable decrease in the amount of fun that I am having.  In fact, I would say that, thanks to the acquisition of my new Perfect Pony play toy, I am having measurably more fun than I had when I was blonde.  Or, you know, blonder.

Tomato, tomahto.

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susan said...

Will u share the brand and color(s) used. I absolutely LOVE this color. Please share.