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Personal Statement

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Things I'm Digging: Star Wars Pancake Molds

They were a gift from my mom, and they are already a big hit with the boys - and with me, because they are quite effective if you use the batter recipe that comes with the molds.  (Gotta give Williams-Sonoma credit: they always include recipes with their cookie cutters and other molds, and the recipes actually work with the products.  See also, the sugar cookie recipe that accompanies their "message in a cookie" cutters.)

The boys love breakfast for dinner - and PJ now loves wearing his breakfast-for-dinner as a mask.


Only hiccup is that I failed to bring a skillet with me to the apartment that was wide enough to accommodate the Yoda mold - so we had to make do with storm troopers and multiple Darth Vader clones.  (By the way, that isn't snot coming out of Darth's nose in the picture at top; it's melted butter, thank you very much.)
I'm going to experiment with Bisquick next, but I suspect that the buttermilk recipe that came with the molds may become a permanent part of our repertoire.  They weren't that much harder to make than box mix pancakes, and I always feel very virtuous when I bake from scratch.

Thinking about investing in an electric griddle when we move back into the house.  Having an induction cooktop limits your nonstick pan options, and I can't fathom making pancakes on a non-nonstick surface.  Also, an electric griddle would give me plenty enough room to bake Yoda (he of the elongated Ernie-from-Sesame-Street head and ginormous ears).  I would even have room to bake a Darth clone next to him.

Yup - definitely need a griddle.

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