Personal Statement

Personal Statement

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sausage-Making Update

Inspector liked the foundation - wants a couple of plumbing lines tied up to the beams and joists in a few additional places, but we have the go-ahead to begin putting down the insulation underneath the subfloor.  
Inspector will come back next week and confirm that the plumbing tie-ups were done to his satisfaction and will sign off on insulation and electric at the same time. 

While we were there, lovely electrical contractor Carlos took me around my kitchen (well, as best as one can move around a kitchen with no floor - basically, I stood in one spot, turned in a slow circle and pointed at things), and asked intelligent questions: 

Do I want electrical outlets in my pantry, so it can be illuminated?  (Yes, please.) 

Are the shelves in the pantry modular, such that they can be moved to accommodate the plugs where they are currently located on that wall?  (EXCELLENT question, and one that will be passed on to Lamar the Cabinetmaker.) 

What's going on THAT wall?  (Non-cooking, office-type work space - need a phone jack and a utility plug.)

Do I want a light over my bar sink?  (Yes, please.)  In the cabinet, or underneath?  (Um, possibly both?)

Do I want a light over the kitchen sink?  (Nope - the can lights that we just installed should be all that I need.)

Then I asked him MY important question:  since we're re-sheetrocking basically everything, can we go around the house and make all of the outlet penetrations at right angles?  With the floors and with each other?  So, say, the two cockeyed light switches in the hall (one works the attic light, one works the hallway light) are actually straight and parallel?

Answer:  Yup.  I LOVE YUP!  It's such a beautiful concept.

Also love the concept of outlets and light switches that don't look like they were installed by a group of baboons working in the dark.  While intoxicated.

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