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Personal Statement

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Shadow Boxes Are a Gateway Craft

At least, that's what the twelve year-old tells me.  And  I guess he's not wrong.

First art project of last weekend:  these shadow boxes.

The boys' "old" bathroom featured initial canvases from Pottery Barn Kids, but the colors are wrong for the "new" bathroom.  Friend Robyn spotted these letter plaques at Hobby Lobby.  The price was right at $6 for the two of them.  But I wanted to beef them up a bit - so I bought two white shadow boxes on sale for $14.99 each at Joann, along with two sheets of dark brown mulberry scrapbook paper.  A little hot glue (and some McGyver action to make them project from the background for a three-dimensional effect), and we were done and done - for under $40 for the pair of them.

Next, I stenciled a canvas to hang on the same wall:

Not sure that I love it, but it's growing on me.

Then I painted the four canvases that will form the base of our Reading Rocks table centerpiece.  The inspiration book:  Polka-Bats and Octopus Slacks.  

Canvas #1:  "Kansas City Octopus."

I didn't get his head exactly right, but did I mention that I gave myself three and a half hours to finish all four?  And that I did everything freehand?  But, if asked, I will swear that I meant for my versions to look different.  You know, artistic license and all.

Canvas #2: "Funky Snowman."

Canvas #3:  "The Bathtub Driver."

Canvas #4:  "Mulligan Poker."

I screwed up his jaw.  Again: free-hand.  But this is probably my favorite one.  Can't really articulate why.  He just makes me happy.

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Courtney said...

Those all look great! I wish I had just a bit of your artistic talent. You are awesome!