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Personal Statement

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Eat This: Carrot Cake Balls (Second in a Spherical Series)

Refer to last week's recipe, but use carrot cake mix, cream cheese icing and vanilla "almond bark" (which, for the uninitiated has nothing to do with almonds). And then shape 'em like eggs. Decorate 'em like eggs, too.

Or shape them like carrots! You could buy orange candy melts to use as the coating, or you could dye vanilla bark orange (but forewarned is fair-warned: gel colorings may not do the trick, so consider investing in some oil-based food coloring).

Applying the KISS principle, I might suggest using plain ol' vanilla coating and then melting the orange stuff (buy it, pre-colored, in bags on the candy-making aisle of your craft store) and drizzling it over the vanilla to create an orange effect. Then you could pipe some green icing for leaves at the top?

Oh, and for your viewing pleasure, here is some lemon cake ball food porn:

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