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Personal Statement

Monday, April 25, 2011

Kid Stuff: Shock and Aww Moment

Oprah has aha moments.  Thanks to my kids, I have aww moments. 

Like this one: 

Dad and boys were discussing the "Make-a-Wish" program.  Connor informed the others that, if he ever found himself a candidate for MaW, he would ask MaW to fly him in a plane at the same speed as the setting sun, and moving in the appropriate direction so that he could experience a continuous sunset.  Aww.  Nice.  Metaphorical. 

Probably not physically possible, but nice and metaphorical.

Connor then asked his little brother what his wish would be.

"I wish that the world was made of ice cream."

Aww.  Cute. 

Needless to say, Big quickly corrected Little:

"It has to be something that they can actually do for you , Parker.  Like, you know, pay to send you to Disney World."

Parker thought about it some more. And then:

"Can I ask them to take the money that they would have spent on me and give it to charities to help other people?  Could I ask them to use the money to build houses for people in Japan who don't have their houses anymore?"

Aww.  Just aww.  Because aww pretty much covers it.

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