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Personal Statement

Monday, April 4, 2011

Kid Stuff: Shark Tale

The six year-old's love-hate relationship with sharks continues.  I would put us at 30% fascinated, 45% healthily respectful and 25% terrified out of our wits.

A recent exchange that took place at Half-Price Books, as we were contemplating our various shark and dinosaur book options in the kids' section:

"Mom, sharks are important to our environment.  They actually help us.  If we didn't have sharks, there would be too many fish in the ocean."

"That's absolutely right, Parker."  [Mom mentally high-fives herself for raising such a smart and perceptive kid.]

"Yeah, so if it wasn't for sharks, boats couldn't get where they needed to go.  On account of all of the fish, blocking their way."

Ummmmm . . . mental high-five partially retracted.

We also had "a moment" the other day when we heard Parker whimpering behind the shower curtain.  Reason:  "Being under the water makes me think of sharks." 


Subsequently I received a lecture about how irresponsible of a mother I am for boogie boarding, with Parker's beloved older brother, in deeper waters off of the Texas coast.  "MOM.  I get that sharks can't get me right by the shore.  Or in the shower.  BUT THEY CAN GET YOU IN DEEP WATER, MOM.  AND YOU CHOOSE TO GO THERE.  AND YOU TAKE YOUR KID WITH YOU."

Um - guilty as charged, Shark Patrol Officer?

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