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Personal Statement

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Handbag Update: THEY'RE AWESOME!

I am now officially a fan of BBOS Private Sale.  Bags arrived today, as promised, and they are gorgeous - and in absolutely pristine condition.  (My coworkers were shocked:  "THOSE are PRE-OWNED?")  Another point in BBOS's favor:  the bags are EXACTLY as pictured.  Online, the bucket bag looked to be a medium tan with a bit of a metallic sheen to it.  In person, the bucket bag is a medium tan with a bit of a metallic sheen to it.  Likewise, the soft leather satchel is exactly the shade of plum that I expected to be.

I'm in the process of gathering up stuff to donate to Double Exposure (Junior League of Fort Worth resale shop) to fulfill my yearly quota - notwithstanding the fact that, as someone with an M last name, I can't turn anything in until the fall if I want to get credit for it.  I threw two handbags on the DE pile, in compliance with the deal that I struck with my spouse years ago (I can continue to indulge my handbag obsession as long as one bag leaves for every one that comes in).  Actually, I threw three on the pile but retrieved a shiny black patent one.  (My rationale:  it has silver hardware.  My other black purses have gold or brass hardware.  Yes, Parnell, if you are reading this, black handbags are EXACTLY like black purses.  You need bunches and bunches of them.  Really, you do.  And, for the record, one of the bags that I am giving away is black - also patent, also with silver hardware - because I concede that one black patent bag with silver hardware is enough.  Probably.  They are different styles.  So I could actually justify both of them.  But I digress.)

As these things tend to play out, one minute, I was sorting through handbags, and the next minute I had moved into Connor's room and begun cleaning out the smaller of his two closets (which is devoted 60% to kid stuff and 40% to housewares).  I had a reason for going in there, I think, but the long and the short of it is that I selected five, count 'em, FIVE throw pillows to go to DE.  Including a really nice needlepoint one that I absolutely love - but it doesn't match my colors anymore.  Spouse, if you are reading this, I AM GIVING AWAY FIVE, COUNT 'EM, FIVE THROW PILLOWS.  I think that this entitles me to a "Get Out of Jail Free" card, and not just any card, but a PUNCH card that will get me out of jail, for various retail offenses, multiple times. 

I got most of the boys' clothes flipped (fall/winter to the back and into storage boxes, short-sleeved tees and shorts to the front) - just a little more to do.  I quit when I found myself getting jumpy.  Not punchy - JUMPY.  We're in the process of moving things around Connor's room to make space for some grown-up wall art and shelf display items.  The shelf items include a turtle shell and two specimen boxes filled with giant beetles and moths, both from my mother the biologist.  I knew that the glass-topped boxes of ginormous bugs were in there, but that didn't stop me from jumping three feet into the air when I looked down and a posse of roachlike critters stared up at me.  Five minutes later, I was up on a ladder putting Connor's Darth Vader helmet on Build-A-Bear Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and adding a tam-o-shanter to his big stuffed triceratops (hey, the hats need to be displayed somehow - and somewhere OTHER than on the floor, which was doing them no favors) when I happened to look down - and saw a REAL roach on top of his armoire.  Or I thought it was real.  I think that I jumped backwards off of the ladder.  Called for the spouse (yes, I'm a girl - the thing was on its back and appeared to be deceased, but no way I was retrieving it) and was irritated to learn that (1) it was a throw-down rubber roach and (2) my spouse KNEW that there was a throw-down rubber roach up there.  Wonder which of my "boys" thought it was a good idea to set a trap for Mom.  Whichever one it was, he did an artful job of arranging it - damn him. 

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