Personal Statement

Personal Statement

Friday, April 1, 2011

Things I'm Digging: Unintentionally Hilarious Charity Events

In the course and scope of my employment the other day, I was searching on the Internet for waiver and release forms in connection with one that I was drafting for an upcoming charity benefit.  And in that course and scope, I ran across some real doozies.  Allow me to submit the following nominations:

Best charity fun run name.  Ever.  "Run With the Cops, Not From Them."

Worst charity fun run name.  "Got Running on the Brain?"  The event raises funds for people who have suffered traumatic brain injuries.  I promise that I am not making this up.  The logo design on the waiver form was a drawing of a brain with legs, and the brain was running, and little exertion marks surrounded the head - um, brain.

Most dubious event to support the need for a liability waiver.  A charity badminton tournament.  I'm not saying that the tournament was dubious; it appeared to be totally legit.  But is badminton really that much of a liability risk?  I suppose the shuttlecock could take a bad bounce, and the white plastic faux feather part could scratch your eye.  As an aside, do people actually play badminton these days? 

Some days my job is kind of boring; other days, not so much.  Case in point:  see above.

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