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Personal Statement

Friday, April 29, 2011

Things I'm Digging: Royal Wedding in LEGOs

By the time this posts, the Wedding of the Year will have concluded.  But I'm drafting this the night before, so here's what the wedding MIGHT have looked like, as photographed by Dan Kitwood and published by Getty Images:

Yes, that is a hyper-realistic Buckingham Palace, CONSTRUCTED OUT OF LEGOs. (I hope that my capitalization of LEGO above allowed you to grasp the meaning that it's a depiction of the Royal Wedding made from plastic bricks - because when I stumbled across these images, the caption read, "The Royal Wedding in Legos," and I had to read the caption a second time, because for a minute I thought that they were talking about a wedding in Nigeria.) By the way, this is what my child hopes to do for a living when he "grows up." (I am putting quotes around that, because we're talking about a career centered on LEGOs.) He doesn't want to build things out of LEGOs, although he'd probably take that gig at LEGO Land if one was offered - he wants to design LEGO kits. Actually, he already does, on LEGO Digital Designer, but one day he would like to get paid for it.  (That would be a nice change in pace from Mom and Dad paying for his LEGO designs.  Seriously.  You design a geegaw online, the Web site determines how many bricks you need of each type and quotes you a price.  Then the begging and pleading commences.  "Mom.  DAD.  It's so cool.  I so need to build this FOR REAL - not just in virtual reality.")

You can see the bricks a little better in this shot - but it still is an amazing replica.

And here are the bride and groom departing for their honeymoon, destination (at press time) unknown.

I'm thinking one-week, all-inclusive stay at the Barbie Dream House?

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