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Personal Statement

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Adventures in Party Planning: Safari, So Good

One of my favorite charity events of the year - Beastro, benefiting the Fort Worth Zoo - is fast approaching, which has me thinking about safari parties.  First image is from this year's Reading Rocks breakfast:

I like the idea of decorating chair backs with animal masks, and the tall tree-like centerpiece is another favorite.

Several years ago, I clipped from the pages of Family Fun magazine instructions for making jungle vines out of scraps of brown paper grocery bags (twisted to make the vines) and green construction paper leaves, but I think I prefer Momma Bee's version, which utilizes rolls of brown kraft paper.

Click here to access the instructions on her blog.  For thinner vines, you could add leaves cut from green scrapbook paper to lengths of brown twine.  I like the idea of having lots of vines, of various thicknesses, strung overhead, to create a whimsical but sort-of-realistic jungle canopy.

I also like 2PerfectionDecor's safari burlap banner, because it would be equally appropriate for a kid's party or an adult shindig.  You could skirt a table with grass skirting and superimpose the banner over that.

Another Etsy seller, love2gifts, sells these great grass cupcake wrappers:

Again, not too-too cutesy - great for a little kid or big kid party (either gender) and adult-appropriate as well.

Finally, I totally love this lion invitation from Studio RSVP.  Something about the shredded paper mane makes me smile.

Vacation Bible School at our church is panda-themed this year, one of Parker's friends will be attending with him as his guest, and all that week I will be picking them up, getting them lunch and then dropping them off at afternoon Zoo Camp.  I'm thinking of doing lunch at the house one or more days, and maybe doing a little panda-themed decorating (tweaking the vine concept to look like bamboo, maybe?).  So stay tuned for that.

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