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Personal Statement

Monday, June 6, 2011

Kid Stuff: It's Parker's World, We Just Live in It

The scene:  dinner table, Saturday night.  Both boys have been charged with eating a certain number of steamed green beans.  Neither are a fan.  (Connor will eat canned green beans with nary a complaint, but the crispy bright green ones offend him - apparently, gray and kind of spongy is WAY BETTER.  Parker doesn't like either kind.)

Dad reminds Connor, for the umpteenth time, to eat his green beans.  And Parker says:

"Dude, just EAT.  I have already finished my chicken, and two more beans and I'M OUT."

Ex-cuse me?

"Yup.  I'm OUT, man.  I'm gonna leave this table and find a party to crash.  Then I'm going to go to a stranger's house, and then I'm going to blow up the stranger's house, and then I'm going to get the stranger's mail for him, and then I'm going to fart."

Ohhhhhkay.  At least you have a plan.

The next day, Parker comes out of Sunday School with a drawing labeled "gummi osos."  Yes, that's gummi bears in Spanish.  Apparently, Parker has decided to transform himself into the Enrique Iglescias of the kindergarten set, following up his smash hit "Gummi Bears" with a release en espanol.

It's his world.  I just feel privileged that he lets me live in it, as should we all.

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