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Personal Statement

Friday, June 17, 2011

Things I'm Digging: Single-Oven Salvation

When you live in an eighty four year-old house, and aren't in the mood to renovate your kitchen (which is actually pretty functional, all things considered, particularly under eighty year-old house standards), you learn to live with one oven. I'm thinking that with this bad boy from Williams-Sonoma, single-oven living could be a dang sight easier:

$22 gets you this triple-decker contraption, which locks onto your existing oven rack (moved to a low setting) and allows you to maximize use of your oven space. This would be great for dinner parties, and a God-send at Thanksgiving (um, not that I ever have Thanksgiving at my house - having my mom eight minutes away, my mother-in-law twenty five minutes away, and an old house with a single oven means that Thanksgiving is always an away game for me).

The product got multiple reviews, and general consensus is that the thing is sturdy and works as advertised. Think I'll be ordering one . . . or two.  Although I might not use it for awhile, on account of how it is summer.  And firing up the oven in the summer in an old house es no bueno.

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