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Personal Statement

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Adventures in Party Planning: Yellow Party Pinterest Board

So I've become slightly obsessed with Pinterest - but that's the subject of a future post. 

Click on this link (you have to put your cursor over the word "link" - seriously, Blogger, you could be more user friendly!) to see some grown-up party ideas that I have "pinned" to a Pinterest board imaginatively titled "Yellow Party."  (It's a party, everything's yellow - it's a yellow party.  Deal with it.  Don't be like my oldest child, who, at a cupcake birthday party at his preschool, sniffed derisively at the purple plates, napkins and cups because they were JUST PLAIN PURPLE, WITH NO CHARACTERS ON THEM.  "Mom, you have to have a THEME for a birthday."  Okay, maybe purple is the theme?  "Mom, that's ridiculous.  Colors are not themes, THEY ARE JUST COLORS."  I believe that this was the same year that I was presented with a choice between having a Power Puff Girls birthday or a Kim Possible birthday.  For fear of reawakening the righteously indignant party critic beast, I did not say what I was really thinking, which was, "Um, is 'just a birthday' a third option?"  I think I opted for Kim - she was cool, she was empowered, and, also, the PPG really annoyed the heck out of me.)

Back to the "Yellow Party" board.  I am particularly obsessed with the Moroccan tablescape (the one with the elephants).  I saw another party somewhere on the Interwebs, featuring elephant candleholders of various heights (I'm thinking that originally they were brass?) that had been spray-painted in solid day-glo colors.  So, if you don't have a herd of white porcelain elephants stashed somewhere in your house:  (1) it's okay, because I have a stash of just about everything, and even I don't have white porcelain elephants; and (2) you can go to Goodwill, and buy some really fugly brass elephant candlesticks, and then spray-paint the heck out of them with gloss paint.  You could even purchase a toy elephant (I see these occasionally at Dollar Tree), spray paint it and then put a lightweight (melamine or "other") plate on his back, for purposes of serving appetizers and stuff.

It would be really great if the plate was yellow - but yellow is non-essential.

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