Personal Statement

Personal Statement

Friday, June 10, 2011

Things I'm Digging: Anthropologie

Specifically, I am digging:

  • Having a brick-and-mortar Anthropologie store in Fort Worth;
  • The fact that they will send you your receipt via e-mail (no paper to keep up with!);
  • Their super-nice gift boxes (the sturdy, glossy kind with the string closure like on the front of an old-school manila envelope; so pretty on their own that they don't require gift wrap, a bow or other adornment);
  • The "price" of said gift boxes (a bargain at "free" - my favorite price point); and
  • Their decision to market an "Alphie the Lion" butter dish just in time for Friend Melanie's birthday.

Friend Melanie is a fellow ADPi, and Alphie is our mascot.  The butter dish technically is not an ADPi tie-in, but it has an Alphie on the top, and if you squint the color scheme is SORT OF azure blue and white (with some yellow mixed in, but yellow is an acceptable ADPi accent color, in that it matches Alphie's mane).

While I was scoring an Alphie for Melanie, I picked up an adorable apron and a couple of tea towels (which I plan to stitch together to make a table runner).  This is one of the tea towels:

Too cute to get stains on, wouldn't you say?  But then, whoooooo am I to judge? ;)

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