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Personal Statement

Monday, June 20, 2011

Kid Stuff: Vacation, All I've Ever Wanted

Well, maybe it's not all that I'VE ever wanted, but Parker certainly seems to have it on the brain.

One of the papers that came home at the end of the year was this, his explanation of why our vacay-ing ground to a halt after he was born (the real reason: big brother started "big school," limiting our opportunities to take off on a whim):

"I couldn't go on vacation, because I was too small.  I would have to sleep in my crib."

Location appears to be our living room.  The person on the left (who I presume is supposed to be Connor -when Parker draws him, he always gives him a yellow Bump-It-ish topknot for hair) is sitting in a brown chair, facing a television.  We have a brown leather armchair in the living room, and it's Parker's favorite TV-watching spot.  Also, the TV in question is housed in a pine armoire, much like the one in the picture.  So I guess this is supposed to depict a staycation, necessitated by Parker being a small baby requiring a crib.  And that's Parker on the right, sleeping in the crib in his bedroom (entrance to which, actually, factually, is behind the brown leather chair) with his mobile turning overhead.  The thing that looks like a candy cane suspended from the ceiling is a red soft-sculpture moon that hangs in one corner of his room, accompanied by the yellow star that you also see.

Love the kid's attention to detail, which is also evident in this drawing of our trip to Broken Bow, Oklahoma.

"I went to Oklahoma for my vacation.  And when we got there we rolled down the hill."

We did, in fact, rent a white van for the trip.  Not sure what the red thing on top could be - a canoe?  Probably, since Parker and his brother had canoeing on the brain that week (Mom and Dad declined to rent one, as it was November and lake and river temps were already a bit chilly).   That's the lodge in the background, and Parker (we can tell that it's him because of the brown topknot) is standing in front of what would have been our room (first floor, farthest to the right when you are looking at the lodge with your back to the lake).  It was, in fact, two stories, and there was a hill like that, too.  Don't remember them rolling down it, but it's possible.

The rest of these are pure fantasy, through and through:

"I went on an adventure to New York City and I saw zoos and parks and I saw the Statue of Liberty."  Love the inventive spelling  ("atvencher") and the newstand on the left - except that Parker informs me that it's not a newstand.   I choose to believe otherwise.

I call this next one "The Hangover":

"One time I went on a plane to Las Vegas.  We flew down."  "We" being Parker (brown topknot), "bruther" (yellow topknot) and their grandmother (brown curly hair and glasses).  He has labeled a "restorwont," as well as a hotel, and everything is appropriately glitzy, albeit a little dichromatic.

Okay, this one has to be my favorite:

"One time I rode in a sumereen [submarine] all the way to Australia and a kangaroo jumped on us."  That is Parker (sporting Popeye arms) battling a kangaroo  (sporting appropriately T-rex-ish arms) on top of a sumereen - I mean, submarine.  That is not a cross on the right; it is a periscope.  Trust me, you would be well-served not to mistake it for a cross on a black sand island.  I made that mistake, and I deeply offended the artiste in the process.

Love the way his mind works.  And he's right - we're overdue for a family trip, but Big Brother's swim and dive competition schedule creates some serious logistical issues for us in June and most of July.  So, in the interim, I'll just have to live vicariously through my "atventcherous" younger child.

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