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Personal Statement

Monday, June 13, 2011

Kid Stuff: Daddy Fact Sheet

Found a "Daddy Fact Sheet" that Parker dictated to his preschool teacher when he was three or so.

Name: Parnell (so far, so good)
Age: 40 (yup, would have been correct at the time)
Height: Tall (okay, not TALL tall, but certainly taller than a three year-old, so you get a mulligan)
Weight: 35 lbs. (ummmmmmm)
Hair color: Black (brown)
What does Dad do around the house?: Cook, wash dishes and clean up (okay, that last one is usually under duress, and the dishwashing is situational, but he is a good and enthusiastic cook)
Favorite drink: Coke (Diet Dr. Pepper, actually, but this is the South, so it's ALL "Coke")
Favorite TV show: Football (fair enough)
What does Dad cook?: Hot dogs and hamburgers (NEVER makes hot dogs - hamburgers, once or twice a year)
Favorite hobby: He likes taking walks (HA!)

But I'm saving the best for last:

Where does Dad like to go?: Buy things for Mom so she can take them to Junior Woman's Club

What an intelligent and perceptive child . . . .

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