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Personal Statement

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Adventures in Party Planning: Derby Day

Love this centerpiece from Frosted Events' blog site:

And these mint julep cupcakes from Hostess With the Mostess:

Cheese hat appetizer from Southern Living couldn't be any easier:

Just stack a cheese round on top of a round of brie.  Done.  I would use red accents instead of blue - perhaps a red rose.  But that's just me.

Not actually having a derby party - too much else going on, what with this weekend being Mayfest in our fair city, in addition to Mother's Day weekend.  Oh, and our nephew is getting married.  Can't forget Cinco de Mayo tomorrow - which, apparently, we will be celebrating at a pizza place (end-of-year soccer party - planned by dads, obviously, because the moms totally would have pushed for a venue with tequila-based frozen beverages).

Fighting the urge to show up at SOMETHING - the pizza party, the wedding, church on Sunday, whatever - wearing a sombrero (for Cinco de Mayo) and a (Derby-appropriate) red rose corsage (for Mother's Day). 

It's all about the multitasking in May.

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