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Personal Statement

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fun on the Interwebs: Def Facebook Slam

Another funny, courtesy of The Oatmeal (which, counterintuitively as it may sound, goes great with The Onion):  a guide titled "How to suck at Facebook."

Recognize any of these?

The Event Coordinator. "You should come to my cat's birthday party!"

The Horrible Photo Tagger. "Matt has tagged a photo of you.  Matt writes:  'I snapped this photo last night when you barfed up nachos and peppermint schnapps into that hooker's eyes!  ROFL.'"

The Quiz Taker:  "Christy took the quiz:  What kind of rancid meat are you? [Answer:  I AM A ROTTING BUFFALO CARCASS!]."

[I'll spare you the answer to the hypothetical quiz, "Which Backstreet Boy testicle are you?"  I'll also attempt to refrain from creating on Facebook a quiz, "Which Backstreet Boy testicle are you?"  But only because I don't know enough about the Backstreet Boys to complete this task.  But there's always Wikipedia.  Okay, now I'm fighting the urge to research the Backstreet Boys (all of them, not just their genitalia, but I guess it would be relevant to find out if any of them has an . . . anomaly . . . down there).  Also fighting the urge to log onto Facebook to see if anyone has beaten me to the quiz-creating punch.]

It goes on.  I was particularly amused by the observation that people who use photos of their babies as profile pictures and then post adult-ish nuggets about being hung over, or proclaim their affinity for female mud wrestling, are "annoying and a little bit disturbing."  Agreed.

Okay, I caved.  Apparently, no one has created the Backstreet Boys Facebook quiz - yet - but my search turned up, via Bing, a link to the Web (not FB) posted question, "Who has tried testicle pizza in Serbia?"  This is only slightly less bizarre than the Backstreet Boys question.  I predict that both will be FB quizzes soon.

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