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Personal Statement

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Potpourri: Mother's Day Musings

For Mother's Day, my mom has requested a bottle of 25 year-old balsamic vinegar. That's it - just an overpriced bottle of vinegar.

I want Steven Tyler's new autobiography.

I'm guessing it's a generational thing?

(Okay, talk about spooky: as I'm writing this, Pandora sees fit to play "Dream On." As in, the song that Steven Tyler and Matt Lauer were discussing when I decided that I really, REALLY wanted Steven Tyler's new autobiography. My computer is profiling me.)

What I really, REALLY want for Mother's Day is some time to work in the backyard. Next weekend, I guess. No, honest and for true - next weekend is a viable yardwork window of opportunity (she types with one hand as she knocks on a piece of wood, REALLY HARD, with the other). This weekend, we're doing the family thing - Saturday night with one side of the extended family, Sunday lunch with the other side, and lots of hours logged at Mayfest. Hopefully, at some point I will be presented with a book-shaped package, containing one (1) copy of Steven Tyler's new autobiography (in which he discusses his battle with LSD - "Lead Singer Disease" - LOVE IT!). Oh, and I'm getting an Ikat-dyed silk and crochet tunic from the Calypso St. Barth for Target collection. Looking suspiciously like the one on the far right:

(Not included:  yellow bikini bottoms.  Also not included:  bikini body.)

I know that I am getting this tunic because - after making a mental note to go to Super Target on May 1st for the unveiling of the CSB for Target collection - I lost the note, but found myself at Super Target anyway, shopping with the fam. Looked up, saw the CSB for Target sign hanging from the ceiling and started doing a Target Aisle Happy Dance. Spouse initially looked skeptical, but then I caught him stroking the tunic. Then he told me to look away, made a big production of NOT letting me see the tunic while we checked out, and made a second big production getting the bags into the house - only to pluck the tunic out of one of the bags and unceremoniously toss it to me with a "Happy Mother's Day, a week early." (Odd and sort of uneven? Yes. That would be my spouse. It's a little dance that we do. Sort of the like the Target Aisle Happy Dance.)

The tunic is already hanging in my closet. I think it would look nice hanging next to the gauzy tube top dress, second from left.  (HONEY, ARE YOU READING THIS?)  And I think that either piece would look fabulous on me while I am sitting on this CSB for Target Moroccan-inspired pouf:

which, as poufs go, looks sort of functional - taller than the John Derian and Serena & Lily models. And, as a Target tie-in, probably a damned sight cheaper. Theoretically. Because, apparently, this bad boy is out of stock - everywhere. I've heard tell that women were chunking them in their red Target carts left and right, as soon as they went on the shelves.

Clearly, those ladies have a better filing system for their mental notes.

Oh, well - much as I seem to gravitate toward Moroccan-style stuff, I end up taking most of it back - on account of the fundamental incompatibility between "hookah lounge" and "English Tudor." But the tunic I can swing.

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