Personal Statement

Personal Statement

Friday, May 20, 2011

Things I'm Digging: Cool Virtual Invites

Forgot to share the invitation from Christi's party.  I "hired it done," via Veronica at Inviting Printables.  Check out her Etsy site here - lots of great products, but the Western invitations were just the ticket for Christi's shindig.  She customized the colors for me and sent it to me as a jpeg, so I could print it or incorporate it into a virtual invitation.  I opted for the latter, using Paperless Post:

Love Paperless Post - it offers the convenience of Evite with the look of Crane.  When guests clicked on the link, they were treated to an envelope with their name on it, and upon clicking on the envelope, it flipped over, unflapped, and the invitation popped out of the top.  (It's an invitation AND a show!)  Can't duplicate it here, but I included a screen cap (captured mid-"invite pop").  Love, love, LOVE the piping on the envelope and also the envelope lining.

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