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Personal Statement

Monday, May 16, 2011

Kid Stuff: Cult of Personality

So for the last few weeks, Parker has been driving us crazy singing a (self-penned) ditty (to the tune of the ABC Song) that goes a little something like this:

Gummi bears are chasing me.
One is red, one is blue,
One is peeing on my shoe.

(Repeat first verse, ad nauseam.)

It's a catchy tune - one that, unfortunately, gets stuck in your head after the fifteenth or sixteenth consecutive performance.

The Friday before Mother's Day, the boys invited me to "Muffins with Mom."  Line into the library was out the door, and Mom prefers proteins to carbs in the morning, so we opted to go to the cafeteria, and Parker "bought" me breakfast (on his account, which we fund - but he wanted to show me that he knows how to punch his code into the little pad).  As we were eating our eggs and bacon, one of Parker's classmates walked by.

Classmate:  "PARKER!"
Parker:  "Hey, dude."
Classmate:  "GUMMI BEARS!"

And then my six year-old son pointed at his friend, winked and said, "Gummi bears, man."

Awhile later, the process was repeated.  This time, the shout-out came from a first-grader.  I finally had to ask:  "So, I take it that you taught your classmates your Gummi bear song?"

At this point, the eleven year-old self-appointed PR rep for the six year-old pipes up:

"No, Mom, Parker's written a second song, and ALL of the little kids are singing it."

"Ohhhkay.  And how does this one go?"

Parker starts to sing:

Gummi bears, gummi bears,
Gummi bears, gummi bears,
GUMMI GUMMI GUMMI bears . . . .

It went on . . . and on . . . for a long time.  Choreography may have been involved.

I occasionally remind myself that this was the child who I worried would never develop a personality.  The one who might be a bit of a wallflower.

Yeah, what the heck do I know?

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