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Personal Statement

Friday, May 13, 2011

Things I'm Digging: Pop Tarts and Pop Tarts Accessories

My kids love Pop Tarts. Specifically, untoasted Pop Tarts. I think it's safe to say that my mother would have been caught dead before she fed her baby girl a RAW Pop Tart. However, I have boys - boys who have managed to convince me that there are worse things in the world than an untoasted Tart.

You learn to pick your battles.

Parker has a bad habit of leaving half-eaten Pop Tarts . . . everywhere. Apparently, he is only good for a half of an untoasted Pop Tart. So I got him one of these:

It's a Pop Tart case. Now if only I can train him to use it.

If you aren't a big fan of actually eating Pop Tarts but like the look of Parker's Pop Tart case - and if you have an iPhone - then go to Gadget Gear's Etsy page and beg the proprietress to whip up another one of these:

Or, if you have declared jihad against prepackaged kid food, buy yourself a toaster pastry press from Williams Sonoma and make your own.

At $9.95, I'm tempted to take it for a test drive. Maybe Parker will take better care of a tart that he had a hand in making?

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