Personal Statement

Personal Statement

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Doin' the Robot for Valentine's Day

PJ insisted on store-bought LEGO Star Wars valentines this year - and C isn't doing valentines anymore.


I had to insert whimsy where I could - so on Sunday afternoon (after I took a long, well-deserved post-event-planning nap) we decorated rectangular boxes of candy to look like robots.

Very simple robots. Did I mention that I was recovering from an event-planning marathon? Yeah, very simple robots, plus bags of Sweet Tarts, stuffed into a larger (also robot-themed) cello bag, and tied off with a pencil.

No, my robots aren't droids. But they are droid-adjacent. So they are, sort of, Star Wars-appropriate.

The robot sweater was a happy accident. It's what he wore to church that morning. Seriously - I was too tired to think up, or implement, wardrobe concepts to coordinate with blog posts.

I was doing well just to phone in robots. Robots without arms and sans antennae.

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