Personal Statement

Personal Statement

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Kid Stuff: Sweetest Boy in North America

PJ (as I am serving him ice cream):  Mom, how did you get to be the most awesome mom in the world?

Me:  Well, it's easy, because you guys are such awesome kids.

PJ:  NO, it's NOT easy, Mom.  Because you have to go to your office and work, and then you have to come home and do a WHOLE OTHER JOB as our mom.

Me:  [Whatever sound butter makes when it melts.]

Yes, this is my kid who can make "Mom and Dad, I love you more than I love myself" sound actually halfway sincere.  I know that it's not outside of the realm of possibility that he was playing me - or just being his future politician self.  But I would like to think that he meant what he said.  The last part, for sure, sounded like an actual observation, not a platitude.

That's how I processed it, anyway.  And it surely did sound good to this mom's ears.

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