Personal Statement

Personal Statement

Monday, February 6, 2012

Kid Stuff: No Words

In case you were wondering (and I am confident that you were), this . . .  is a drawing of two animals fighting.

THEY ARE FIGHTING.  Really, the artist told me so.  After I let out a strangled gasp-snort (a gnort?  a snasp?) and found my voice to say: 

"WOW, PJ.  So . . . tell me about this picture.  What are the dinosaurs doing?"

They are FIGHTING.  Thank the Lord.  Also, they are not dinosaurs; they are, apparently, dogs.  The spots on the yellow one are wounds, and the red in the green one's mouth is a chunk of the yellow dog's flesh.

I think I deserve immense credit for not actually shrieking.  I heard shrieking, but I'm pretty sure that I kept it in my head.

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