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Personal Statement

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Things I'm Digging: My Favorite Reading Rocks Table

Charlotte's Web won the prize for best Reading Rocks table, at least in my book. (Officially, it only got honorable mention credit, but I think it got robbed.)  What a ridiculously clever idea, and it was obvious that they read the book from cover to cover and made a lot of effort to incorporate very specific references (you can't see it in these pics, but they even had the word terrific "woven" into the back side of the web, just like in the story).

I also liked their use of simple and creative materials - blue paper plates became award ribbons and were tied to the backs of chairs, and pink-painted egg carton segments, with the addition of elastic, became pig snouts for the guests.

Love, love, LOVE it. What a creative twist this would be on a farm party for a little kid.

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