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Personal Statement

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Kid Stuff: Boomstick Awesomesauce

In recent weeks, the Little Kid has taken to acknowledging his approval of cool things by saying, "Boomstick awesomesauce."

I know where boomstick is coming from.  Yes, I am aware that boomstick can refer to a sawed-off shotgun, but it is also a device (loaded with 12-gauge shotgun shells) that divers take with them to ward off sharks.  The Little Kid knows everything about sharks.  He also is a fan of the show, "Bones" (yes, our kids watch "Bones," with parental supervision - having grown up on "Quincy, M.E." I cannot deny them their generation's equivalent), and in a recent "Bones" episode the coroner types were all kinds of confused about a homicide that turned out to be the result of a diver's boomstick being discharged at close range.

"Awesomesauce" is a compound word that I have heard uttered before.

As for "boomstick awesomesauce" - well, that was a new one on me.  But now it is stuck in my head.  And, God help me, I find myself using it.  Thus far, only when talking to the kids:

Mom!  Check out my paper airplane - I got it lodged in the ceiling fan!

Boomstick awesomesauce.

But I am afraid that it's going to slip out at work.  Perhaps in a client meeting.  I can feel it coming.


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